4 Years of Freedom To Turn Back The Titanic

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Dangers in our Country

There have already been death threats against our new President Donald Trump.  Hopefully, this outbreak of emotional disappointment because your team didn’t win will subside soon.  However, we can all see clearly that there is a deep rooted hatred to the political views and American freedoms that President Trump represents.  We would be naive and immature to think such hatred would simply die down and disappear over time.  Most likely, this hatred will simmer, re-group and re-surface. Hatred toward freedom infiltrated every fabric of our society and reared its head only when certain type leaders in office defy laws of conscious – meaning no jail time for lawlessness.

Dangers in our State

We must allow the past few years’ unashamed unveiling of infiltration to subvert the very fabric of our Constitutional freedoms continue to teach us all a few lessons.

While the different States’ leadership across our nation took opportunity to re-make laws to read liberally under the Obama Administration, without really securing  any “liberty for all”, those liberal laws remain. A new president – in 4 years – will not overturn them within each State.

It takes time to undo the damages – blow by blow, State by State.  Not all citizens across this nation agreed with the liberal views. We mustn’t allow bias media to label an entire State or Region. That being said, certain conservative states  could very well see an influx of more liberal citizens arrive in their areas to further excert their views. We can probably expect to see more infiltration into our schools, churches, city and state official roles, with a fury like none other in the past. They will want to secure a turnaround back to a candidate of their choosing at the end of the 4 year term.  There are ways for Constitutional Americans to handle the leftists without deceit and mayheim.

Dangers in our Neighborhoods

It is a good thing President Trump is strengthening our vetting services for immigrants and refugees.  It is a good thing he has immediately begun working on a security wall at our borders. Yet harm came to the security of our nation’s borders. Citizens must stay on alert, even in your own backyards, to continue taking responsibility for our own security.  With the release of terrorists from prison and non-vetted immigrants already present within our borders illegally, not to mention the influx of refugees infiltrated by terrorists individuals, American citizens must walk as gentle as doves but as wise as serpents. We must stay prepared, armed and situationally aware.

Discerning skills and having the proper tools with safe & effective knowledge to use them  are a must for the entire family – more now, than ever before – as retaliation strikes its blows against our liberties and this new administration.

How can you fight back a seemingly losing battler?  We need to find ways to support this new administration. We can continue learning new ways to handle criminals of all kinds. There are ways to handle bias media and leftist infiltration. We can even govern this way without ever stepping foot inside the White House……


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