6 Things Your Children Must Know To Be Prepared For A School Shooting


6. Don’t Wait

Instruct your children that if they are in a school and think they hear gunfire, they shouldn’t await instructions. They can’t delay while trying to figure out what’s happening. If they think it’s gunfire, empower them to ACT! Immediately escape! The people in active shooter events who wait around to be sure that the noises they are hearing are actually gunfire typically delay so long that they no longer have any viable options except locking down.

Thanks to Greg Ellifritz and the Buckeye Firearm Association for this material. Read more at  A Parent’s Guide to School Shootings for additional information for you and your children’s schools.

These six tips can help save your children’s lives. Don’t wait.  Teach your kids today.


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  1. Reagan said:

    Great advice. ALICE training works for a reason, and it encompasses many of these points.

    • momsandgunsblogmomsandgunsblog said:

      WOW. We didn’t know about ALICE. Just searched Google and read all about their program. Thank you for the information.

  2. Karina said:

    While your description is molsty accurate, you neglect the thrill of a trigger that, when caressed with the gentlest of intention, goes “Bang!” Hell, my subconscious doesn’t even know when it’s gonna break.When I take first-timers to the range, the free pistol is the *last* thing we shoot, and I show them how light the trigger is, everyone makes it go “click” (on an empty chamber) the first three “shots” I make them dry-fire and, even then, a good portion of the first shots go into the dirt before the sights come onto the target.It’s a fabulous reinforcement to Rule #3, “Keep your finger *OFF* the trigger till your sights are on the target.”The only way to keep it from being boring (when shooting) is to have a shot plan so meticulous that it keeps your mind engaged until those few seconds of silence “in the aiming area”…. … Bang!