7 Steps To Include When Taking Kids To The Shooting Range


It’s important kids “see” what a firearm can accomplish when shot and that takes some live vegetable volunteers.  However, the veggies won’t get in place by themselves.

Step 4: Setting up the reactive targets together

Now with no guns or ammunition out of the range bag whatsoever, have your kids help you carry the vegetables down range to set them up at the bottom of the berm.

A minority opinion held that we should have brought some broccoli to the range with us. Surprised, I said, ‘But that wouldn’t do anything interesting when we shot it.’


‘I know,’ the kid replied, ‘but at least we wouldn’t have to eat it.’ Can’t argue with that kind of logic.


Step 5: Let the shooting fun begin

So each child gets to shoot the .22  at some vegetable placed at the bottom of the berm.  Then let them see mom shoot a 9mm (or higher caliber) for the kids to see how much bigger the veggie explosion looks.


After you’ve shot awhile, then what?  Step 6 explains on the next page how to go about the vital part that makes everything else fall into place for the kids.

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