7 Steps To Include When Taking Kids To The Shooting Range


Don’t be nervous about this part.  In fact, this is the vital part that makes everything else fall into place for the kids.

Step 6: The big discussion

After everyone’s had a chance to shoot the .22 several times, it’s time for that big discussion.  Let’s listen in on this mom’s conversation with her kids.


Within a short time, all the veggies had been splatted and the water jugs were empty. I walked the boys downrange to look at the carnage. The pumpkins with gaping holes on their backsides caught my attention first, so I picked the first one up and showed it to them. ‘Boys,’ I said very seriously, ‘I want you to look at this. We’ve had a lot of fun today, because shooting is fun. But every time you think about breaking one of the safety rules, I want you to remember what this pumpkin looks like. It’s fun and it’s funny at the range ‘ but what do you think would happen if this was somebody’s head?’


The boys immediately sobered up. ‘You mean ‘ it would put a hole like that in someone?’ Jeremy asked. ‘Bigger in the back like that? From just a .22?’


‘It could,’ I told him. ‘You really can’t tell what a bullet is going to do ‘ but look at the inside of this pumpkin. See how the bullet went all the way through it? If it had gone through someone’s head, it would have destroyed their brain. It might have broken their skull just like it cracked the pumpkin shell. Pretty scary, isn’t it.’

Now while she’s got their attention, Step 7, on the next page, is the culminating point that will make or break a family’s gun safety procedures . . .

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