7 Steps To Include When Taking Kids To The Shooting Range


Kids need to “think it through” and you need to hear their “response” and give your response accordingly.

Step 7:  The big response

The boys were quiet for a moment, then our youngest one said, ‘But I’m not a pumpkin!!’


I agreed with him. ‘No, son, you’re not a pumpkin. You’re my favorite Timothy in the whole wide world, and I don’t want anything bad to happen to you. If you ever, ever, ever want to see a gun, or hold one, or shoot it, I want you to come tell me. If we can, we’ll go to the range together and have just as much fun as we’ve had today. If we can’t go to the range right away, I’ll let you look at the guns and even dry-fire them at home, and we’ll go to the range as soon as we can. But what I don’t want you to do is be a pumpkin. I don’t want you to get shot ‘ and that’s why the safety rules are so important.’


Your response is very important at this point!  You are everything to your kids and they will listen to every word you say when it is framed with just the right tenderness with firmness that only you can prescribe for your special children.

We thank Kathy Jackson over at the Cornered Cat for sharing her wonderful experience with us today!

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