9 Best Guns for Moms with Toddlers

9 BEst Guns For Moms With Toddlers

 bersa221.jpgBersa Thunder 380

This is our favorite on this list. They are not as well known as some of the others and may be harder to find but their quality and value are outstanding. They meet all of our criteria for a ‘mommy’ gun and come in several variations including a dedicated Conceal Carry model and the 15 round Plus version.

“The Thunder .380 is relatively easy to conceal, and has great handling qualities. The gun feels right at home in my hand, and points very naturally. The Bersa handles recoil well.
Overall, I am very impressed with the Thunder .380. It is a better gun than some costing three times its price. The Thunder .380 is a reliable auto pistol with great ergonomics, controllable power, a perfect trigger pull, and an exceptional price.”



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  1. momsandgunsblogmomsandgunsblog said:

    We have toddlers that climb and break in successfully to locked areas. How do they do it? They can’t articulate to tell us yet. The safest place for a gun with toddlers in the house in on Mom & Dad’s person and constant training going on in that house. Yes, there are horrific stories out there but there are millions of homes with trained kids that have never had a problem. It’s just not good media to talk about the successes.

  2. Hal Bambrick said:

    Momsandguns, Please Beware as that is what the Idiot Bloomberg wants to take away from America!. The Left libtards will stop at Nothing to Disarm America!. I Applaud You!.

  3. SK said:

    Oh my word!! Thank you so much for all you’ve taken the time to share here… So great! Loving the convo w/ all of the above as well.. So much yes!! TY!