A Historical Guide to Greatness For Our Kids


When I traveled abroad to Peru, Germany, India, Ireland, Scotland, England and other countries, the people I met welcomed us everywhere we went.  After 911 happened, I received email notices and Facebook messages making sure we were personally alright.  Then one group in Peru sent me a picture where they placed their flag next to the flag of the United States and showed themselves bowed on their knees praying for America. What I never realized to this extent before was these smaller nations felt that if the U.S. goes under surely there would be no hope for them.

A Historical Guide to Greatness

Many thought such greatness could never be abolished.  Many took for granted the success of America and her influence on other people groups around the world.  A few didn’t care at all what happened.  Others just wanted change no matter what was sacrificed in the process.

Is it pessimistic to think that the United States will ever be successful again?  Is it realistic to leave behind her unchanged documents to our children’s children so they can have a peak into what “greatness” looked like in the past?

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