A Woman’s Review of the Glock 43



The Glock 43 is lighter in weight than the M&P Shield by a few ounces and this was a plus in my opinion. The less weight, the better for conceal carry for women!

Magazine & Extension

The Glock 43 comes standard with a flush mag and a magazine with a pinky extension. Both magazines hold 6 rounds. The magazine with pinky extension fits my hand the best. With the flush mag I can almost get a full grip, but with the extension it is perfect fit. For conceal carry I used the flush magazine because it does conceal better. Both of the standard magazines eject nicely and fall freely from the firearm making for easy magazine changes. If you are concerned about the capacity of the Glock 43  Taran Tactical is already selling +1 & +2 extensions for the magazines to add extra length and capacity.

Next, she reviews the grip and sights for the Glock 43.


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  1. Randi said:

    The Glock 43, in my book, is ok, just ok. I still prefer my Sig P938 or Kimber Solo. I tried out the G43 and was not terribly impressed.

    • Rick said:

      I absolutely love mine! 300 rounds through it first time at the range, not a single failure. My wife loves it as well, so do my two sons. Highly recommend it!

    • Brad said:

      That 938 is great until you forget to disengage the safety when you are stressed and lose your manual dexterity.

      • momsandgunsblogmomsandgunsblog said:

        Bottom line, if the gun fits your hand, then it’s well spent time in developing muscle memory during practice to disengage that safety before firing. Moms with small children are encouraged to practice this way because that safety could very well save a child’s life. Every season of life calls for different measures of safety. Thank goodness there are so many varieties of firearms out there – you’re bound to discover the right one for you if you don’t give up searching. If you don’t find the right one, don’t stop searching because in the next month or two a new model will hit the stores and it just might be the one for you. In the meantime, you can always use Hogue grips to adjust the grip size: http://www.hogueinc.com/grips

  2. momsandgunsblogmomsandgunsblog said:

    Thank you for sharing, Randi! It’s great to try them out and see if they make a difference – or not! You never know if you don’t try, right?

  3. Brad said:

    I like the 43 but it is too small for my hand. If you fit the gun correctly with a straight line through the gun up your arm your finger and barrel should align. When I put a 43 in my hand correctly the grip is so small that the barrel points off to the side. Fixable in target shooting, in quick defensive shooting you wont have time to change your grip. Great gun for smaller hands though.

    • momsandgunsblogmomsandgunsblog said:

      Actually, there’s a better way to tell if the gun fits your hand – or not. But no matter, if the gun clearly goes to the right or left, your grip is wrong or the gun simply doesn’t fit your hand and you must go to something else for sure. You are absolutely right in that determining whether the gun fits your hand is first priority. Some people, especially competitors, spend all their time developing muscle memory in adjusting the gun to make it fit but in a defense situation, this could be disastrous.

  4. Glock 43 said:

    Great post. I honestly think the Glocks are the top knock gun. Sigs are nice. Karhs are nice. But Glock are the top of the line.

  5. Deb Sullivan said:

    As a woman with very small hands and 10’s of thousands of rounds down range, I hate the 43. Even with competition ammo. The recoil hurts my hands so any more than 100 rounds and I’m done. I practice twice a week and use between 300-500 rounds a week depending on what we are practicing. I prefer the 19 over the 43 and the 17 is my favorite. All stock.
    The best thing for any woman to do when purchasing a firearm, is to try many different brands, calibers, and types. Narrow it down to a few, then put at least a box through. If it hurts, you won’t practice. If you don’t practice, you will have issues if you need to use it in an emergency.

  6. Scott said:

    Tough to argue over the precision and durability of the Glock. I agree Glocks are a go to weapon of choice for concealed carry!