Child Abduction Prevention Tips and More



Mr. Marc Klaas, Polly’s father, has connected with other people to develop ways to help families and even children as young as toddlers stay out of the hands of predators.

One suggestion is for neighborhoods to assign one home on the block that is the “safe” home for kids to run if they are pursued by a stranger, even if it’s a home without children but a place for kids to feel safe.

Denise Daniels, co-host to”Parent’s Helper” on America’s Talking Network and child psychologist, talks about making our kids “smarter” about keeping safe.  Americans are indirectly traumatized by these two innocent girl’s murders.  When we come together to work to prevent child abduction it causes us to heal.


Denise always says, “What’s mentionable is manageable.”  We can come together and talk about solutions to empower kids against abduction.


Denise says to parents hearing bad news like this and wanting to protect their children from being afraid, “The best way to protect them is to talk to them about these things openly and honestly.”


Moms and Guns adds that not all “fear” is bad.  If fear paralyzes you to do nothing about anything, then that is “bad fear”.  But if fear develops your senses well enough to detect danger and act fact to thwart being a victim, then that is “good fear”.


Watch how these children react to these pretend abduction set up tests conducted by police officers.  More tips for kids….




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