Child Abduction Prevention Tips and More



One little girl who went with the stranger out the door but suddenly decided she shouldn’t go any further and told the stranger “my mom wouldn’t want me to go any further”.  However the police officer said her alarm inside her heart went off just a little bit too late for comfort sake.

The other officer gives the advice that the child could’ve gone to the pizza man behind the counter and explained their parent had just walked out and this stranger is wanting them to go with them and ask for his/her help.  The last thing the abductor wants is to have another adult brought into the situation.

Watch as the officer gives more tips that children can do to free themselves from the lure of the stranger.

Denise Daniels, child psychologist, suggests one sure way to help children react appropriately against abduction is for parents to foster good self esteem thinking that if the child feels good about themselves they will be more prone to protect themselves.

Peter Banks, Spokesperson for “national Center for Missing & Exploited Children”, says, “Kids also need to understand it’s not their fault. It’s never their fault.” “Adults don’t need kids’ help.”

Officer also points out that we teach our children to be polite to adults and that needs to be addressed in it’s appropriate context as well to help children understand the difference.

Moms and Guns suggests parents give children permission to go with their gut instincts and refuse to obey any strange adult for any reason.  Helping a child understand the mindset of a criminal goes a long way in keeping them from feeling it’s their fault.  Recognizing inappropriate behavior of any strange adult toward a child – meaning even talking to them without their parent present these days – helps the child process quicker what is happening and what could happen if the situation is allowed to develop.

1 million children are reported missing each year…’ll be surprised at the statistics of how many are found and brought home safely.




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