Child Abduction Prevention Tips and More



A lot are found and considered to be runaways but 350,000 children per year are abducted by a family member. 4600 stranger abductions per year happens and about 300 of those are missing for a long period of time or are found dead.

One little girl asks the professional panel what you could do if a stranger came up behind you and grabbed you?

Also, find out what the answer is to this question, “What if the stranger has a weapon, what do you do then?”

Moms and Guns also suggests, in answer to the little girl’s question, to kick and bite the stranger.  If the stranger puts his/her hands over your mouth, pry your teeth free and bite down hard.  Once loose, run as fast as you can toward a lighted area with lots of people screaming, “I don’t know this person. They are not my mom or dad”….

Up next is one way a kid can escape an abductor……




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