Congress Reviewing Social Security Gun Grab

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Any family with a Veteran Grandparent has surely been watching this piece of legislation since Obama’s Administration introduced the Social Security Gun Grab in 2015.  But the wisdom of our Forefathers to put stipulations in place to guard against unwise, last minute workings of one adminstration as power is tranferred to the new adminstration has certainly been life-saving on this issue.

Congress Reviewing Social Security Gun Grab – Reversal Vote Could Happen This Week

Here’s the issue summarized and what is being done currently to address

Congress is now going to review the Obama administration’s unconstitutional ban under the Congressional Review Act (CRA). CRA allows Congress to dispose of any actions an outgoing administration initiates in its last six months. This final rule falls under that time frame, and the review process is expected to move forward in the House and receive a vote as early as next week. 

“We are pleased that Congress is moving swiftly to ensure that law-abiding Americans’ constitutional rights are respected,” concluded Cox.  “We would like to thank Reps. Sam Johnson (R-TX) and Ralph Abraham (R-LA) for leading this effort in the House, as well as with Speaker Paul Ryan for his leadership on this issue.”

Updated Quotes reported by Bearing Arms.

For more details, here’s a video explaining the legal aspects of the 5 criteria that must be present per individual case for the ban to be exercised by the SSA, stripping Veterans of their 2nd Amendment rights.

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