Consider These Scenarios Before Using This Advanced Self Defense Tactic


We all hope it never happens to us, but just in case,  you need to know how to defend yourself against a gun attack.

When the instructor told his class they could escape a gun attack, one student asked, “Do you mean I will be able to dodge bullets?”

The instructor replied, “When you’re ready my friend, … you won’t have to.”

Advanced Self Defense Tactic

This one simple, but advanced, self defense tactic against an armed threat could save your life. Study closely this move, and then practice with your training partner(s) with an unloaded firearm, of course.  Go through a few different scenarios. If you practice sufficiently with using the technique as your goal, be sure this move becomes a Kinesthetic memory for your body and thinking behaviors. Also, pay close attention to the certain scenarios discussed because they’ll help you be better prepared to make that split second decision whether or NOT to use this method of escape.


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