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Jamie, please respond to the WINNING Notification email sent to your entry email address before Tuesday, February 14, or your PRIZE will be passed on to the next winning contestant in line after you.  Thank you!

All participants, please check your email for your surprise announcement or click the Purple Button below.

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What’s the big news about a course contest?  You’ve probably noticed some changes in activity flow here at Moms & Guns and this is the huge reason why.  We’ve been feverishly working on a “FAMILY HOME PROTECTION” online course that so many have been requesting  – for so long.  Well, you don’t have to wait any longer.

Just think, you could be the next winner of an online course for families called “Family Home Protection” that will take your family to the next level in personal and home protection strategies. Don’t wait for a tragedy to hit – start preparing your family today with fun games & activities that will bond your family together as a team.


About the Self-Paced Course

the Safeguard Series by Moms & Guns

The New Online Course entitled “Family Home Protection” includes the following 8 sections of learning materials & private consultation:

  • 1 Your Customized Family Protection Plan
  • 2 Step by Step Online Floor Planner
  • 3 Evaluating Your Home Security
  • 4 Your Family Code Word
  • 5 Your Safe Room (or Area)
  • 6 Putting Your Plan Together (Games)
  • 7 Schedule Your  1 on 1 Appointment with Rebecca
  • 8 Bonuses – Home Alone Kids, Babysitting, Internet Security and more . . .

There are FOUR more online courses in the works at the Safeguard Series by Rebecca Alderman, sponsored by Moms & Guns and the Jubil Team LLC.

About the Contest

Not only are we announcing our new educational platform entitled the Safeguard Series, we wanted to make our huge announcement in a fun way with a CONTEST.  All entrants have a chance to win the Grand Prize of one free access to the new online course : “Family Home Protection”.  Here’s the link so you can get started today:

Yes! Enter Me For A Chance To Win the Contest

“I walked away completely comfortable that I could: make better judgment calls ….. Rebecca not only helped me improve, she helped me reconcile my feelings about our 2nd Amendment rights.”                  Aprille  – St. Louis
“Rebecca is an awesome instructor! She gave me a lot more information than other classes I’ve taken. It is really geared more for us ladies and I hope to take more classes with her very soon!                       Kelly – Warrenton

The Contest officially begins on January 26, 2017. Deadline for entering the contest is February 10, 2017, at 10 AM.  The Grand Prize Winner will be announced on February 11, 2017.  The rules of the contest can be seen by pressing the “green” link at the bottom of the contest entry form.

How To Win

The Winner will be chosen by weighted draw and must have at least 50 points by February 10th at 10 AM. Don’t worry, reaching 50 points is really quick & easy because sharing is similar to an exponential increase (or domino effect) and the points just keep stacking up. Check out the Point System Chart below. You get a point for each person you share with, and you get a point when that person clicks on the link to read about the contest.  Plus you get a point for every person in your group who shares, too.  And finally, you get 10 points for every person in your group who enters the contest, too!

I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your class. You are a terrific instructor that made my class so fun but yet very interesting and informative! I would highly recommend you to all my contacts! Thank you for being an awesome instructor! Darlene – Wentzville
I came to class for awareness. I don’t own a defense tool and had never owned one – but after this class I am going to rethink that. Good teacher – loving – patient – willing to assist me to make me feel comfortable! A MUST TAKE class! Thank you! Cindy – Troy, MO

Yes! Enter Me For A Chance To Win the Contest


The Point System

Points for Signups and Referrals= 1 point

Signup points (referred visitors) = 1 point

Points for each referred visitor = 1 point

Points for each referred signup = 10 points

Plus 1 Point each for sharing on social networks. Do not share more than 3 times per day in intervals not closer than an hour apart.

Surprise for All Non-Winners

All non-winning participants will be presented with a surprise on February 11, when the Grand Prize Winner is announced, so stay tuned around 10:00 am Central Standard Time (CST).

You do NOT want to miss out on this rare opportunity to WIN one FREE ACCESS to this course.  The online course is self paced for your convenience and once you are comfortable, the curriculum will guide you when and how to include your children in the learning process.

Get started today!   New Online Course Contest Entry Form

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