Growing List of No Gun Zones is Cause for Concern


First Starbucks then Target and now this once favored establishment right in our own backyard of St. Louis. The list of retail shops and restaurants that do not honor their state’s conceal carry permits is growing.

Growing List of No Gun Zones is Cause for Concern

And, of course, it consistently appears to be “Mom’s Demand Action” behind this push to infringe on the rights to conceal carry.  We thought our readers would like to know who their new targets are and which ones are fighting back and standing strong so you know where to put your support, loyalty and spending dollars.


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  1. Paul said:

    I carry everywhere it’s legal. In my state, the signs have no legal standing, but they can ask you to leave and you have to or be charged with trespassing. Schools and some government buildings aren’t legal to carry in, so I avoid those.

    Someday, a lunatic is going to victimize the helpless in a Starbucks, target, etc. I hope a concealed carrier in a state where these stupid signs carry no weight is there to save lives. Then we’ll see if these “Mom’s demand action” to remove them or just keep up with their clueless ways. I bet the latter.

  2. Zonie said:

    Over 90% of mass shootings are in “gun free” zones. I try not to do business there, if I’m not wanted by them I don’t want to give them money.

    I emailed Kroger thanking them. If you carry please do the same.