How To Warn Kids About Social Media Craze Causing Pain & Suffering

How To Warn Kids About Social Media Craze Causing Pain and Suffering

If someone has suffered a burn:
(Via Fox News)

1. Make sure they are treated immediately by running the affected area under cool water for at least 10 minutes or until the pain feels better.

2. Do not use ice, gels or creams as they can damage tissues and increase risk of infection.

3. Once the burn has cooled, cover it with kitchen film.

4. If the burn is on the face, hands, feet, or larger than the size of the person’s hand, seek further medical advice.

Helpful Tips Dealing with Peer Pressure:

1. Explain the definition of “peer pressure”, and give some related & non-related examples of what it can look like.

2. Remind them that it can be hard to say ‘no’ to your friends, but it is not okay for them to pressure you like this — and it’s not your fault.

3. Explain that by saying no, you are being the bigger person. Teach them to say no with confidence. Ask them if they’ve ever practiced or had to say “no.”

4. Teach them to be the kind of person who encourages others to do something positive instead of self-destructive.

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More Helpful Tips on Peer Pressure from Moms & Guns

Instead of just “telling” your kids what to do, we found it more helpful to engage them in painting a picture of what negative peer pressure looks like in contrast to positive peer pressure. First, we need to define both clearly for our kids.

  • Defining negative peer pressure – someone in your own age group challenging or daring you to do something to prove your strength, courage or willingness to be like them or to fit into their group
  • Defining positive peer pressure – become the person strong enough to say “no” and stick to your “no” simply because you already fit into any group because of your strength, courage or willingness to do the right thing for all people
  • Examples of what negative peer pressure looks like:
    • cheating on a test,
    • sneaking in to records’ room to change your own grade on a test,
    • taking drugs,
    • stealing,
    • pre-marital sex,
    • __________
  • Examples of what positive peer pressure looks like:
    • knowing you are already accepted and loved in your family and walking in confidence with a sense of belonging
    • knowing you are valuable and you don’t have to “prove” your worth to anyone
    • knowing what you believe and sticking to it – being a person of character with standards
    • listening to your gut sense as well as knowing when something is wrong – having standards
    • knowing in your heart something a friend (or stranger) says to you is wrong and laughing at their suggestion that anyone would think it okay to actually do,
    • being the strong person with courage to stop the flow of wrong with a solid “no” that can’t be shaken
    • ________

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