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Julia A. Maki Memoir

snowcap-mountains-MaineThe SERE training is mandatory for every person in the Navy, and all other military branches.  Why?  In case war breaks out during their enlisted service years and they become a prisonar of war dealing with the enemy up close and personal.  This is no picnic. More like panic.  This is all about survival.  Surving in the worst weather and terrains without food or water trying to avoid capture.  Next, they absolutely must be skilled in reading map coordinates to be sure they don’t run in circles and stumble unaware into enemy camp. Then they are trained to resist without getting shot, undergo torture without giving away any military secrets knowing the military mandate and expectation for you is to attempt to escape as they will looking for away to rescue you.

Liken this to your family surviving a home invasion with 3-5 invaders holding you captive.  With your enemy up close and personal, how much resistance are you willing and trained to present in a strategic manner?  What is your family plan to work together in your resistance plan?  And are your children trained on how to escape and where to go to get help?

Reading Julia’s memoirs puts you in her shoes, and I don’t mean her red high heels, but inside her heart when the mind game training are strategically preparing her for the worst of scenarios; yet, she survived and excelled. Her message is clear and uplifting – you can survive, too.  You just need to know what to do and how….

When your soul is being tested to the depths of your identity and the width of your endurance and height of your tolerance – the way Julia describes God and her interaction with Him during it all will inspire even the most fearful of women.

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