Julia Maki Memoir – A Review Released By Moms & Guns

Julia A. Maki Memoir

Julia shared:

“Despite the dire situation, it was difficult to not be amazed at the beauty that was bestowed upon us in those few days.  We were given the opportunity to see some of the most amazing uninhabited country that most never had.  It was also hard not to feel close to God, or whoever one’s maker was.”

She continues:

“I don’t necessarily see God in a church – but perhaps in the people that make up the church.  God is something that surrounds me (as the Native Americans up there also believe), and is in everything living.  So in these days that were filled with fear and anxiety, I also felt closer than I ever had to our Creator  The feeling encompassed me.”

Julia Maki Author & Navy VeteranIn the midst of evil, imagined or real, we all have a choice.  We can focus on the evil, be paralyzed, do nothing – and die.   OR  >>>>>

Or we can prepare, acquire skills, focus in the midst of highly stressful situations and live.

Whatever evil you have already faced or will face in this life, you too, can sense God’s presence and power and peace.  He wants you to survive.  He wants you to be successful against all evil attacks against you and your family.  Getting to know Him, you quickly understand this simple fact about His Nature, His Love and His Life.  He has bestowed life upon you to breathe and see another day. How will you live it?

Will you learn to survive the evils of our day or will you ignore the honor God has bestowed upon you to live – today? What will you teach your children?  From whom will they learn about the joys of life amidst evil attempts to snuff life out?

The first step in any training is to develop the mindset for overcoming and being successful no matter what it takes.  Overcoming fear to start training.  Overcoming fear to handle the tools for training.  Overcoming fear to stay calm, think fast and survive.

In her memoir, there are times you will cry with Julia and there are times you will laugh.  She touches you to the very core of your heart while simultaneously revealing the overwhelming message that “I can do it.  I did it – and so can you.”

God helped Julia get through the toughest moments and He is ready to help you, too! She shares those moments in details in this beautifully crafted memoir of her Navy service years.

Julia’s memoir is about getting on the other side of real life with a smile and attitude that says, “I can just about do anything I need to do.” As the very book cover suggests, I’m feminine with red high heels but I stand alongside my brothers and fight the good fight.  Moms & Guns highly recommends our readers grab a copy at this low cost for themselves and their own daughters who may be facing challenges already and needing some in depth inspiration.

Learn More about Julia A. Maki and her children’s books that help military families.  If you’re in the St Louis area, register to come see her at that this link.  Check out her website, too, to keep track of her Holiday Book Tour as she may be coming to a town near you.


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