Less Lethal TASER Devices – Everything You Should Know

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Neuro-Muscular Incapacitation Technology

Neuro-muscular technology is designed to use electrical pulses similar to those in your body’s nervous system to cause stimulation that affects the sensory and motor nerves. Neuro Muscular Incapacitation (NMI) occurs when a TASER device is able to cause involuntary stimulation of both the sensory nerves and the motor nerves which may interfere with the attacker’s ability to utilize the affected muscles. It is not dependent on pain and can be effective on subjects with a high level of pain tolerance.

Previous generations of generic stun guns could primarily affect the sensory nerves only, resulting in pain compliance. Criminal behavior has evolved and changed so we must change our strategies to defend ourselves.  If you run into an attacker with a very high tolerance to pain (e.g., a drug abuser, a person in serious psychological distress, or a trained, focused fighter), your attacker may not be affected by the pain.  Your attacker might be able to fight through the pain of a traditional stun gun. However, a TASER device may cause NMI if probes are within sufficient proximity to complete a circuit, the probes have a sufficient spread, and an adequate circuit is completed and maintained.  Bottom line,


Who Should Carry A Less Lethal TASER device & Why?

Here are all 7 of my good reasons that this less lethal option might be right for your self-defense plan.

  1. You’re seeking training, certification or and don’t yet feel ready to carry a firearm.
  2. You’re still shopping for that perfect handgun that ergonomically fits your hand for accurate shooting
  3. You’re still discovering that perfect carrying method.
  4. You’re going somewhere and need less lethal options.  You still need to check state laws where you are traveling to make sure of these laws since this less lethal option is still considered a projectile weapon and prohibited in some states.
  5. You’re considering the young people in your home, not quite old enough, trained or certified to carry a firearm.
  6. You just feel it’s best to have non-lethal options.
  7. You’re an employer and feel better arming and training your employees with a TASER first.

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