Media Verbiage Fuels Hysteria Except For This Muslim

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Watch the video now!

It’s not a ban, and it’s not on Muslims. It’s about Region, not Religion. Have your say!

Now, isn’t this a better way to receive your news?

One last thought with regard to media hype:

We suggest making a list of credible news sources that do not raise your dander or pierce your digestive tract into ulcers, and completely shutting all other sources off.  It may take some strong discipline to shut off Facebook or Twitter or the 6 o’clock news, but,  as a result, you would be taking responsibility and freeing your household’s consumption of ill conceived news.

Protect your family from the media hype that serves no one but their own perceived revenue.  Don’t allow them to literally feed lies into the hearts of your innocent children and teens.  Take control of what comes into your home day and night.  All protection  starts and ends with you.

Finally, you can demonstrate and practice with your children how to turn your mind off when the invalid, false rhetoric begins.  In fact, if you thank about for a moment, children and the elderly actually do this quite easily, especially when you’re trying to instruct them and they just can’t hear you. LOL

Have a great day and may your family be in “peace” today!

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