She Wanted To Buy A Gun – Funniest Video Ever


Sometimes the media accomplishes nothing more with their gun control stories than confusing honest people who simply want to live – versus die – in a world gone mad.  Right?

She Wanted To Buy A Gun – Funniest Video Ever

This is a mid-week joke about a very serious issue, for sure.  This lady goes to the gun store to buy a “gun”.  Like, “duh”, right? She’s blonde, like me, but definitely has a unique way of presenting a profound truth in the most entertaining fashion.  She’s also really pretty so enjoy her take on “I want to buy a protection gun.”


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One Comment;

  1. Jim said:

    I just hope that folks actually take the time to figure her out before they start with the “blonde moron” comments. She’s actually comedy gold, and knows exactly what she’s doing. Go look at some of her other work. Believe me, she’s not dumb.