The American Dream Restored

The American Dream

Welcome, again, our distinguished guest writer, Mr. H.R.Grimm from San Antonio, Texas.

“Civil Disobedience” today has become uncivil disturbance aka blocking traffic, rioting and looting, shooting Police, Fire and EMS, etc. It has undermined the dream of MLK and fanned mind numbing chaos. Nobody is being helped by these cultural tyrants forcing an under-the-surface seething rage that is igniting into division.

Grimm’s Musings: The American Dream Restored

Where were the Intercity Leaders when “white flight” allowed business/industry to vacate to overseas? Where were the advocates for equality when crime rates increased? There are other issues that cried for Leaders long before now in Education, Transportation, maintaining neighborhoods, etc, etc, as the list goes on…

“Civil Disobedience” has become a mob cry for group temper tantrums that walk on the rights of all who disagree. The issues must be address at a higher level to impact the writing of Laws that balance the morality & ethics that govern a whole society. I am talking about a heart issue that will right a political system. America must see itself on a spiritual revival that brings about a moral & ethical change so drastic that it rights sexual promiscuity, the family, education, business practices, etc etc.

This current mindset of Destructive Disobedience will lead to a forced heavy hand of Leaders who crush an uprising. I fear what will happen when social programs are reduced because they cannot be maintained. Throwing money into the issues is not working and cannot be sustained.

There is a need for something beyond what is being address by “Civil Disobedience”. For those of us old enough we saw it in the 1960s in Watts, Harlem, etc. The result left gutted neighborhoods void of businesses and employment opportunities.

“We, The People…” MUST do more than disrupt, disobey & destroy as I fear this will unleash a bloody backlash.

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