This Is What Happens When You Use A .410 for Self Defense


Generally used as a small game hunting gun, most hunters and gun owners have a .410 hanging around.  But with the right ammo, and at a typical self-defense range, your hunting gun can be used in an emergency situation.

This Is What Happens When You Use A .410 for Self Defense

If you are concerned about home protection and self defense, you may want to consider the statistics on home invasions and all your options.  Yes it is a process.  There are several decisions that have to be made and not to be taken likely for sure. But the peace of mind that results makes this process worth the time and consideration.  In the meantime, if you have your old standby .410 on hanging around, you have a great little back up for self defense at home.  Federal Premium makes an official self-defense shell for a .410 handgun that will fit in your shotgun, but is it necessary?  Watch the video to help you consider your trusty .410 for self defense.


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  1. tito bravo said:

    410 sucks 22 magnum will kill no matter how big they are