President Trump Defines Evil – Moms & Guns Perspective

Defines Evil - Moms & Guns

Moms & Guns has always held the position and helped students clearly understand that no one can truly deal with any enemy appropriately until you know who the enemy is and how they conduct their evil deeds.  In the Hannity interview at the White House, President Trump clearly defines who our enemy is currently around the world and how we can determine their evil intention here on American soil.

President Trump Defines Evil – Moms & Guns Perspective

President Trump spells out his priority of updating our Military over balancing the budget about 8 minutes into the interview. Moms & Guns was very relieved to hear this strategy.

With the huge mess our country is in currently, most clear-thinking Patriots knew there would be a priority agenda for this Administration to conquer.  Patience does not expect quick fixes.  More and more prayer is needed to support our new President, his family & staff, as well as our military.  It takes a lot to move the bow of a huge ship.

In the meantime, Americans continue to take responsibilty for our own families’ security and defense against enemies. Remember, serious criminals were released into our neighborhoods over the past few years.

In another part of the interview there are comparisons between the Chicago war zone and 3rd world countries.

The 38 minute video interview is provided for your convenience with Moms & Guns perspective listed directly below it on the next page.


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