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Global Gag Rule - President Trump

For this declared verbiage,

“…Donald Trump gave women the perfect visual reminder for why they’re resisting his presidency and administration.”

Moms & Guns writes instead  –

President Trump gave us the perfect visual of men making a stand for the value of women’s lives and their children.

Women who truly desire to be treated with respect must respect themselves enough to change their own behavior patterns and stop being sex objects.  If you need help finding your self respect, we can help you with that…. the first step to freedom is owning the truth about your beliefs, thinking patterns and behavior that helped you get where you are currently. In contrast, concentrating on what others have done to you in the past does not lead to freedom or healing from your past.  Healing is available through Jesus Christ.  Total healing, especially sexual & emotional healing, is a gift any person can receive. And, like I said, we’re here to help you.  All you have to do is ask.

Did you ever think that the men in suits could’ve been thinking about their mothers, sisters and wives and how such a Gag Rule would return the sanctity of life back to humankind that would cause our planet to become more civilized and certainly safer for our children’s children?

Could it be the beginning of restoring order out of chaotic financial crisis by eliminating such fundings coming out of the United States? In fact, we believe, this act of returning to the sanctity of life will free God’s hands to bless America and any nation making such a turnaround of their actions.

——– Back to Mashable verbiage:

“Trump’s global gag rule will only lead to increases in unintended pregnancies, unsafe abortions, maternal and newborn deaths,” Nancy Northup, president and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights, said in a statement. “This harmful policy undermines American democratic values of free-speech and imposes an anti-woman agenda.”

 Trump may consider his executive order a victory for those who oppose abortion, but to the millions who marched over the weekend, it’s just one more reason to rise up.

Moms & Guns writes –

“Unintended pregnancies?”  Really? This infers the intellectual absence to what causes pregnancy in the first place.  In fact, if you’ll think for just a moment, even when emotions are running on high throttle, sex partners still take time to unbutton blouses, unzip trousers, etc.  Yet they proceed because…..? Don’t fool yourself.  It’s not because they can’t control themselves.  Controlling “self” is a choice.

And let’s clarify. unsafe abortions are what cause maternal and newborn deaths.  The gag rule is trying to protect women and the unborn children.

So how did society arrive at the mentality that free sex is just fine because abortions will take care of the unwanted human being?  So glad you asked . . . abortions are okay because big business clinics promoting abortions as contraceptives twist the emotions of scared females into thinking half truths – that it’s always the other person whose at fault.  It’s never about asking forgiveness for “doing wrong”, receiving forgiveness freely with alternatives to giving life to the child and then giving the child to loving couples by legal adoption.

Big income abortion clinics rally their declaratives of “harmful policy undermines American democaratic values of……” to support men in their belief that sex is their right with whomever they please whenever they please.  And twisted minds never take responsibility for their own actions.  Not the men. Not the women.  Not the abortion clinics.

Not A Rape Issue

And before all the hate mail pours in –

We are not referring to human trafficked girls enslaved to sex acts for money by criminals. Nor are we talking about preganancy by rape here.  However, rape victims (woman whom sex was forced upon them), are still facing the mentality by men that think they can “take” what has not been willfully given. This pervasive mentality in our society is fueled by such big business clinics. It’s a dominoe effect on society at large.  The majority of abortions are not about “rape” at all.  In fact, some very courageous women who were raped but valued life respectfully, gave more thought to the child’s life than their own, giving them birth and then adoption by loving parents.

No, the statements by Northup above, is nothing more than marketing propaganda, standing loudly against anyone who would think differently.  Abortion is big money and anyone who doesn’t see that truth will never understand that President Trump was acting on his renewed conscience that mothers, daughters, women of all classes and race deserve a society who will build them up versus tear them down with any agenda that promotes free sex and abortions as contraceptive.

Mashable quotes origin.

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