We’ve been sold out!


 Welcome, again, our distinguished guest writer, Mr. H.R.Grimm from San Antonio, Texas.

“We’ve Been Sold Out!”

Hear me now.

Take a look at what is happening right now in these UNITED States of America. There was a time Washington DC stood FOR America. It sure doesn’t look like it any more as Washington has done everything to divide us.

Grimm’s Musings: We’ve been sold out!

Washington DC, OUR Federal Government, has been selling us out while we have all been focusing on gas prices and Climate Control. The gutting of our Industrial Base has left large areas of our population in economic disadvantage … no, that word is stupidly “PC”! This left a part of “WE, The People…” DEVASTATED! Washington’s policies turned cities into concrete economic wastelands! It was Washington’s responsibility to have addressed, “When these factories leave for overseas, what will happen to American Citizens who depend upon employment for earning their fair part of the American Dream?” The Federal Government should have addressed this long before it has reached this boiling point!

The Federal Government FAILED!

Washington should have insured Leaders from those areas were representing this part of “WE, The People..” If they had we wouldn’t be responding to those who riot, block traffic, call for shooting of Police, attacking Whites and every other type of this current ATTACK ON AMERICAN SOIL. There is no excuse for the burning of cars, buildings, destruction of property, looting, disrupting traffic, the calling of attacks on Whites and Police.

Some may say, “They’re doing it out of desperation” but other lives matter too as common sense would tell sane people. This type of action should have already been dealt with as in any other National threat. The Federal Government has failed.

If the Federal Government would have addressed the NEEDS of “WE, The People” there wouldn’t be a Black Lives Matter movement! There is no color distinction in the U.S. Constitution or the American Flag. Disrespect these two and you’ve disrespected US as in USA.

Right now, Washington is REFUSING to help the seething resentments to get family supportable employment back onto American Soil, but oh, they’ll address the important crisis issues like the removal of the Confederate Flag & everything associated with the South (will we ban the phrase “Bible Belt”?). How has the attempt to erase our USA History helped anybody but further sown seeds of seething resentment and division?

Why hasn’t Washington fixed the Border Security? What insanity is it to invite 10,000s of refugees who will get Federal financial assistance, medical care, etc while ignoring those American Citizens who receive Social Security, let alone our Military and Veterans! We need a strong Industrial Base to be a self sustaining Country! If there aren’t enough jobs for inner cities then why bring in 10,000s refugees?!?!

Unless WE, you and me, American Born USA Citizens, get UNITED this USA is going to be unrecognizable.

While leaving you and me to fight among ourselves for their failure, Washington, DC, Our Federal Government, has sold us out! (hrg)


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This column first appeared in H.R.’s blog entitled “Musings from behind the couch” at wilsoncountynews.com.

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