Kids Can Spot & Respond Quickly to Criminal Behavior This Way


First we need to define the two basic types of criminal behavior:

  1. Anti-Social Violence – much like the bully, people who exhibit anti-social behavior resemble wolves but their goal is not grave bodily injury or death. This type of aggressive behavior is intended to dominate another person with name calling, verbal or written abuse, exclusion from activities, exclusion from social situations, physical abuse or coercion. These behaviors can be seen on the playground by the school bully all the way to domestic violence in a marriage or family unit.  You can not use lethal force to deal with this type of aggressive behavior unless the anti-social individual appears to be getting ready to use or uses lethal force first.
  2. Asocial Violence – there are two types:
    a. the active shooter,
    b. criminals with violent tendencies, who are both still like wolves, but with significant differences in their behavior. Their goal is to take something you have or inflict pain and suffering, usually with the intent to kill or cause grave bodily injury.  They act quickly and without warning.

Here’s how to explain to your kids the different ways of dealing with these types of criminal behaviors.


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