Kids Can Spot & Respond Quickly to Criminal Behavior This Way


Anti-Social Violence

You must work with family counselors, Social Workers, Pastoral Care and Police Officers to deal with anti-social violence, remembering, when children are involved in the situation, they learn what they live. So quickly coming to an accurate diagnosis and solution will be best for the whole family.  That being said, even anti-social behaviors can escalate to life and death encounters that usually end with the innocent hurt or killed and the anti-social individual sorrowful and in prison. Decide today not to allow this to happen to you or your children. Seek professional help!

Asocial Violence

To deal with an asocial individual, you have to approach the matter as you would defend yourself against a lion, tiger or bear. You either run for your life or you fight to save your life. This is the type criminal behavior that has evolved and you can not be ignorant, docile or even hesitate a split second to defend yourself.

This knowledge has significant consequences for your kids in today’s world, for instance, with regard to understanding the Sandy Hook tragedy.  Dr Drew discusses it further.


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