Kids Can Spot & Respond Quickly to Criminal Behavior This Way


As the psychologist Dr. Drew initially reported for this tragedy (referring to Sandy Hook), we are in a new world today and evil people act out their rage by doing violent irrational things, like in this case killing 20 young elementary children, the principal, school psychologist, staff, his own mother and family member, and then committing suicide.


Is there an agreed upon way in which to detect this type behavior pattern and prevent such atrocities?

Psychologists reported today that there must have been some indication or evidence that he had a problem before, demonstrating some unhealthy, non-productive behaviors at home or at school. These killings suggest a chronic predictable unhealthy problem was present and parents and others did not take appropriate actions, according to some psychologists. So, it is of paramount importance that we take the time to observe, note, and act on unhealthy motivations, behaviors, and irrational tendencies early on, to prevent escalation to violent behaviors and possible murderous or very harmful actions.


Just how realistic is it to expect families with problems to admit them openly while seeking help?  Did Adam Lanza snap when he overheard his mother planning to institutionalize him? Did video games and “being alone” too much contribute to his behavior evolving into the depths of such criminal violence?

We can conjecture all day and try to reason it all out in our own minds but here’s the problem: we do NOT think like an asocial individual.  Our only hope is to quickly recognize the pattern and be prepared to defend ourselves and our families if the need ever arises.  Even better would be to prepare the entire family into a complete defensive strategy no matter the level of violence encountered.

These are the hard, cold facts about the criminal mindset. . . .


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