Teach Kids Liberty Versus Security



The most secure individual of society is one who lives in a maximum security prison cell.  Nothing outside his own bodily functions or self-inflicted wounds can cause him/her harm except those who control the prison.  This picture of security completely dispels any notion of liberty whatsoever.


However, when an individual is afforded the rights of liberty, he/she also must accept the responsibility of their own security to ensure their liberty remains in tact.

Help your children understand these concepts of liberty and security that complement or contradict each other as provided for in the United States Constitution.

Help your kids identify the key factor that is materializing today that could lead to jeopardy or complete collapse of our liberty as law-abiding citizens.

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There is one vital element that must be put back into place to prevent our liberties as citizens of the United States of America to come crashing down upon us leaving our children and grandchildren an inheritance that neither provides liberty or true physical or financial security.

But let’s evaluate further.  Some couples, who are gun-owning families, say things that cancel our their true beliefs of liberty and security when it comes to their own home defense strategies.


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