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The 911 Defense Caller

We are all too familiar with the dependent civilian who says, “I’ll just call 911 to protect me from criminal activity”. With that mentality, they’re proclaiming their own vulnerable state that leaves them helpless when the police can not possibly arrive in time to save them.  These individuals are willing to sacrifice their own life and family so they do not have to take responsibility to defend themselves.

Disclaimer: Moms & Guns’ current stance on calling 911 is not your act of defense, it is your legal documentation that you defended your family and property per the state laws where you reside.

man-crossed-arms-Quinn-Dombrowski-FlickrThe Sole Husband Defense

When a man says, “My wife has me to protect her”, he presumes the criminal will not attack unless he is present for the encounter.  This arrogance against training his family to defend themselves leaves his wife and children helpless at the hands of an attacker who plans better than he.

When a woman says, “I’ll just stand behind my husband while he defends the family” she’s really saying I have no desire or encouragement to rise to the occasion to learn to defend my children. I’m willing for us to be sacrificed in the event my husband is wounded or killed and allow the perpetrator to charge my family next.

These are serious thought patterns that must be challenged in the open light of reality.  Criminals don’t wait for husbands to be home before they attack. Criminals are prepared to take down the husband first – whatever it takes.  However, if the wife and children were equally trained to defend, the criminal would be the one “surprised” for the police to pick up and deliver to jail.  Feel free to take the scenario further yourself . . .

Here are some other thought patterns to challenge ourselves and re-evaluate our stance concerning family defense . . .



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