Teach Kids Liberty Versus Security



We can no longer bury our heads and pretend our liberties are not at stake.  Yet our own mindsets can fool us into thinking our only option is to go along with the contradictions that threaten our security at the highest level.

Active Shooter Scenarios

When active shooter scenarios take place in a city and all over the news we see S.W.A.T. teams canvassing neighborhoods for a single man/woman, we become desensitized to these levels of police activity.  Great advice is given for citizens not to go into their homes without looking first for forced entry since this fugitive could use their home as a hiding place until it’s clear to make their escape passed all the choke points searches.

SWAT-team-MesaAZ-active-shooter-Photo by Atlanta 11 NewsWe find ourselves cheering the police on and feeling relieved when, after 5 hours or so, they’ve successfully capture the shooter as was the case in the Mesa, Arizona, active shooter.

What we don’t think about is what happens if big government suddenly choose to use these highly militarized police units to canvass your neighborhood  in the name of “martial law” to capture law-abiding citizens.

Are we being desensitized to accept these police states so that it’s easier for martial law to happen? And remember, martial law is not law – it’s simply military force.  Where do we draw the line?  But more important, where will state police draw the line and will you be ready?

I can’t just leave you with that awful thought. So let’s review the true liberated citizen . . . with regards to a statement made by George Bernard Shaw.


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