Woman Saved By Stranger Using This On A Bus

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Footage taken from inside a Missouri bus shows the moment a good Samaritan used his cane to stop what cops say was an assault on a driver this weekend.

… a male rider approached the front of the bus and said something vulgar to the driver, according to the Kansas City Area Transit Authority.

The alleged assailant then touched her, authorities say. Seeing this, the good Samaritan jumped into action.

The hero protector used his cane 4-5 times, hitting the attacker in defense of the bus driver.  He left the scene before police arrive. The woman was able to get away safely from the incident to wait for police to arrive.   They’re actually looking for the Good Samaritan to “thank him” and possibly replace his cane, since it broke in half during his defense moves.

Now, let’s see if we can learn how to use a cane in other defensive moves.

Watch the video now!

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